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For any structure above 30 years of age it has been made Mandotary by the government to do a Structural audit every 3 years. Structural Audit helps in Timely determination of problems which can be a threat to the integrity and strength of a structure. It is therefore suggested that timely structural audit from an experienced structural auditor is very important to safeguard the life of inhabitans of the structure and also save huge amount of money by timely repairs.

We do structure audit as per MCGM or other MC performa where 7 Lab tests are mandatory. We do lab test from NABL accreditation Labs.

We do fire audit related to Insurance.


● Fast service.
● 7 days work completion.
● Complete Analysis.
● All Testing Done.

● Reasonable Cost.
● Pay after Satisfaction.
● Drone services for High rise structures and unreachable spots.

● Thermal Imaging to detect exact location of leakage.

● MCGM & Other MC Registered Structural Auditor.
● Experience worth 10 years.



Evolute Engineers & Consultants LLP., is a team of professionals who have vast experience in various segments of Real Estate Re-Development such as Architect, RCC Consultant, Contractor, Chartered Accountant Engineers etc. The team shares a common vision, goals, material and who collaborate challenge and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results in Self Re-Development. With our collective experience and knowhow our objective is to streamline the process of Self Re-Development and Facilitate Financial and Technical management keeping a target of timely execution of projects. Re-Development projects constitute a major share in the real estate construction market of the most prosperous city of India, Mumbai. Unlike the regular construction. Re-Development in its self brings extensive challenges and We provide all expertise and allied services under one roof to facilitate a successful Re-Development Project. With exhausting open vacant land bank in the city and the state of the players in this industry, the self help approach of Self Re-Development is the future of real estate market of Mumbai. Due to dependency on Developers, the Society who is the rightful owner of the property fall at the mercy of the developer. Self Re-Development gives the member a chance to be a creator of its own dream home in the city.


● Tender Preparation.
● Floating tender document.
● Documentation.

● Regular visits.
● Online System.
● Real time Monitoring.

● Lab Testing.
● Measurement & Bill creation.

● Dispute Resolution.
● 3 years After work service assurance.


Permission for Proposed Addition / Alteration, Change of User / Use in Industrial / Commercial / Recreational / Educational sector

Regularization of already done Addition/Alteration.

Layout passing and sub-division.

Fabrication Work specially Terrace Roof etc.

Water Proofing by Injection grouting (Cement / Polymer) for common problem from wet area i.e. Toilet, Bathroom and Kitchen.

Surveying services for Area measurement.

Design Services and Structural Analysis.

Regularization of properties in CRZ zones from competent authorities.

Feasibility Report, QA & QC services for Redevelopment project.

Permission for Lift installation,Occupation / BCC / Conveyance in societies

Retrofitting sugesstions for old structures.

Thermal imaging for luxury hotels / Shops / Showrooms / Residence to Detect water and Air leakage.

Single Flat Audit

Do structural audit before buying a new or old flat, Industrial Structure, Commercial unit.

Get your Carpet Area measured before buying a new or old Flat.
Imagine paying even for one extra Sq. Ft. can cost you upto Rs. 25,000 in Mumbai.

Do structural audit before buying an old flat (so that no one sells you a damaged Flat).

Get the Station Survey & liaisoning work done before buying a Plot.

Get your Building approval and FSI related liaisoning work done before buying a Flat, Industrial Structure or a Commercial unit etc.

Free Feasibility Report preparation for Self-Redevelopment / Normal Redevelopment.

Repair Consultation at only 1% of total repair cost for your repair project.